What Pole Dancing Today Is Really All About

What Do You Think Pole Dancing Is?

Fashionable may be the buzz term used as an ‘excuse’ to take part in this exploding fitness craze.

If you want to tone those muscles, build your core strength and have fun doing it, this may be what you have been looking for.  The Olympics, rock climbing and fitness in general are all embracing pole dancing.  Not necessarily as part of the sport, rather to gain the type of extra strength and stamina not found in any other sport.  Regardless of your sport or goals, this is one thing you can do to expand your conditioning and results.

Results can range from a great workout, strength and agility, to improving your personal confidence.

Many people of all walks of life, dance studios, and fitness centers are becoming enthusiasts of the pole sports. Pole dancing, or sports, has taken the last decade as the new trendy choice of fitness and exercise.  It’s ability to burn calories, tone body muscles, increase flexibility and improve fitness are just a few of the reasons for the new craze.

Pole dance was know as an exotic display of a woman’s body.

However, that perception is starting to dwindle.  In fact, men are becoming more and more involved in the sport finding it has great benefits for them as well.  Pole sports, as pole dancing is becoming known as, combines dancing, gymnastics and a pole to display and individual’s performing art.

Around the world, there are now competitions in the pole sports.  One only has to search on the web to find past and future events. YouTube, Vimeo, along with other sources have a plentiful selection of pole sport videos, both individual and of competitions.

Where do you stand on the benefits of Pole Dancing?

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