Pole Dancing Ain’t What It Used To Be

Coming across yet another article of how pole dancing is much more than…stripping

Every story, more and more common as they are, demonstrates how polers are finding a much more fulfilling life with the sport.

Lise Broadley – Pole dancers bring love of sport to courtenay – Canada.com

Once solely the domain of seedy bars and smoky nightclubs, pole dancing has gone mainstream: new moms, professionals, men and women young and old are giving it a try and singing its praises. Their reasons are as diverse as they are – to get fit, to …

“I walked in the door and I couldn’t keep my eyes off Natalie. I wanted to be that confident,” said Moldowan. Since taking up pole dancing, “everything has changed. My job got better because I was happier. My relationship got better because I felt good about myself.”

This is just one story of many.  What are you waiting for…find your local pole class and give it a whirl.

On a little side note…How about the 2 Broke Girls pole dancing spoof for the Super Bowl…


2 Broke Girls – Spectacular

Pole Dancing Ain’t What It Used To Be

2 Broke Girls On The Pole

Video and Image Provided by YouTube

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