Loni Love Learns To Pole Dance

Loni Love Learns To Pole Dance

Loni Love, A Guest DJ On The Ellen Degeneres Show, Learns To Pole Dance.

Meet Loni Love. This woman is absolutely hysterical. She was asked by Ellen to be a guest DJ. She agreed but she had no idea Ellen would send her to do her first pole dancing lesson.

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More than once Ellen has had Pole Dancing as a subject on her show. With her fun personality, Loni makes the best of it.

Arriving at Allure Dance and Fitness Studio, Loni makes sure she lists Ellen as her “contact” should anything happen.

Needless to say, something did happen…laughter. And a lot of it. Never a dull moment with people who enjoy life.

Loni Love is an American comedienne and actress who has enough energy to fill up a room… and according to her, she’s got the booty to go with it!

While appearing as a guest DJ on The Ellen Show, DeGeneres thought she needed to send Love on a little mission before putting her to work. Ellen had Love attend a pole dancing class for the very first time and it was so much funnier than I would have ever imagined!

Love admits she’s a big woman, who knows how to work with what she’s got. She loves her body and loves finding new and fun ways to work out

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