Jenyne Butterfly Pregnant


Jenyne Butterfly has had her baby and is back at it! See her post on her Facebook Page.

Looks like Angel is with us and Jenyne is getting back in shape at Pole and Aerial.

Welcome back Girl!

Reading through the “First newsletter ever” by Jenyne Butterfly, I was both shocked and excited to find out…

Jenyne Butterfly is Pregnant

Yes, She’s Going to Have a Baby!

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“I’m super excited to announce that I have finally come to the time of my life for welcoming a baby…I’m going to be a mommy! I’m currently 4 months along and feeling great!!! Unfortunately that means a long break from performing in MJ ONE… which has just recently begun. He is due to arrive on February 10th 2014. Who knows… we might get a love baby born on Valentines Day! We have decided to use a family name from his Puerto Rican father…we will call him Angel. Thank God for all the abilities I have been blessed with, especially the one to create a life.”

Excerpt from the “newsletter

Over the last four years I’ve visited more than 50 countries performing, teaching, and judging. Doing what I love to do and working with students worldwide has inspired me…

…my personal life has taken a huge positive turn as well ─ I’m going to be a mommy!

Even thought she needs to take a break from her “Las Vegas Cirque du Soleil performances“, she is still active in her Arial Arts passion. Being a founding instructor at Pole and Aerial,
I wonder if she has considered doing a video series on “Staying Pole Fit With Baby” or “Pregnant Pole Dancer the Right Way.” That would be great inspiration for pregnant pole dancers everywhere. – Pole Dance Instruction & Aerial Arts

Jenyne Butterfly Had Her Baby

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Pole and Aerial
Is Pleased To Present Our World Class Elite Pole Dance Instruction Team: Jenyne Butterfly, Felix Cane, Marlo Fisken, Mai Sato, Erika Labansat And Brandon Pereyda

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Congratulations Jenyne Butterfly! Pole Dancer Today wishes you the very best.

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