Emma Haslam is promoting Pole Fitness

Emma Haslam is promoting Pole Fitness

Not Just For The Usual Sizes…or skinny

“I’m hoping people will see I’m good at what I do” says Emma at BGT 2014.  She then go on to give a performance at BGT and receives three yeses.

A Pole-dancing Masterclass From Emma Haslam

Emma Haslam Inspires With Her Saucy Firework Dance Routine

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A pole-dancing masterclass from Emma Haslam | Britain’s Got Talent 2014
Proving that anybody can be flexible and sexy, Emma Haslam inspires with her saucy firework dance routine.

Even though she is a plus sized pole dancer, this pole dancing woman has the moves and ability to make it look good.  She shows it is not the size but the desire and dedication to let the talents out and enjoy a good pole dance.

 Emma’s Pole Dancing

She has her own studio where you can learn how to pole dance.

Emma Haslam TRAINING Videos August 2014

Emma Training At Her Studio

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 Pole Dancing Stretching

Emma Haslam Side Splits Challange 2014

Emma Haslam Giving Some Stretching Lessons

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Again at her studio, here is some stretching to get ready for the pole dancing.

Even in out other post about Loni Love learning to pole dance, she was having fun.  The laughs and fun is good for stress and just an all out look on life.