24 Most Hardcore Strength and Flex Moves

Flex and Strength Moves…24 of Them

World Pole Dance Champion Oona Kivelä Demonstrating Strength And Flexibility Moves On Stall Bars, Parallel Bars, Floor And Pole.  This gives a great display of the core needs to reach the top level of this art.

24 Most Hardcore Strength And Flex Moves

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Originally from : Oonak.com

The crowd is holding their breath and sitting in total silence. After witnessing another spectacular performance by Oona Kivelä the crowd goes nuts. People are in awe.

She works daily at her own Fitness Club for Kids and Youngsters called Gymi.  The training along the work includes gymnastics, ballet, parkour and pilates. She teaches PowerPole -classes specially designed for pole dancers to improve their skills on pole.

And PoleRanking.com got a short interview with her as well…

Originally from : PoleRanking.com

You can tell that once again many new people have realised how strong a pole dancer has to be in order to be the best in the world.

Each week one break dance class, two sessions of body maintenance or strength training with resistance bands, one 90-minute Bikram yoga class per week and two pole trainings.

Poleranking: Will there be a Strength and Flex moves Part 2 video?

Oona: Definitely!

I’m glad to hear that and I am glad I came across this video.  This really shows some of the work involved in becoming a World Class Pole Dancer…or would that be Pole Artist?

You can find Oona on Facebook to learn about her Workshop Tour or at her website.

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